Data Solutions powered by AI
  • Scalable and cost-optimized hosting off-the-shelf open source LLMs
  • Prompts engineering and management
  • Safe and secure LLM interactions
  • LLMs fine-tuning pipelines
  • LLM development lifecycle
  • Powered by Large Language Models (SOTA LLMs)
  • Robust Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) architecture
  • Hybrid search techniques
  • Fast Vector Database
  • Curated Prompts
  • Builtin Data commands
Data Solutions Powered by AI
Data Services
Expert teams with unique data & AI knowledge to help you strategically and operationally
Tailored data applications to innovate products and services, optimize workflows, predict future events and optimize user experiences
Data Apps
Data Trainings
Gain skills and knowledge based on experience and best practices - upskill your team with the latest data and AI knowledge
Data Platforms
Battle-tested designs with premade accelerators to speed up successful Data & AI modernization
LLM Articles and Videos
How to Deploy LLM in your Private Kubernetes Cluster in 5 STEPS
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